Benjam is an app designed to help children on the autism spectrum communicate their needs. It has a special focus on children with non-verbal communication skills to help empower them to express their needs and desires to help lead a self-fulfilling life.

This app has a variety of images that children can use to select the item they would like – whether it’s their favourite tv show or their favorite food. On top of that, it can be programmed by parents and carers with the specific needs of each child, so they are more able to communicate with the world around them.

Designed from the mindset to help children communicate, this app is useful for parents and carers because it is flexible, can be personalized and is simple to use and to customize.

In a society that depends on words for people to be apart of it, it is hard to be a person who doesn't have words...
Carly Fleischmann

Like the 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum, this is a project that affects more than just a few people. This project needs ongoing community support and funding to keep the app going to cover software build costs, hosting and support staff. If you’d like to get involved to help support this project, please head over to our Donate page to find out how you can donate money or time.