Interested in helping out with Benjam? We need your help!


Do you know someone on the autism spectrum? We are looking for people to test the app,  both carers, but also people on the autism spectrum.

If you’re interested in being a Beta Tester of the Benjam app, please get in touch, with the subject “Benjam tester”.

We would also love some testimonials from app users so we can help promote this app. If you've been a Beta Tester and you enjoy the app, we would be extremely appreciative if you could please send us a one sentence review of the app that we can use as a testimionial. Please contact us with your testimonial. We can't wait to hear your feedback!


We are conducting anonymous surveys to find out more about the needs of people on the wide variety on the autism spectrum. If you’d like to complete the survey, you will be helping us create a more targeted and well-designed product in the future.

The survey takes just ten minutes to complete, and you’ll be helping create a better product to suit the needs to those in your life on the autism spectrum.


We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign and we need your help. Please, spread the word and donate. To reach our next development goals, we need additional funding to cover the costs associated with hosting, development and design. Please find out more about out campaign fund here.


The Benjam Newsletter is available to find out the latest updates on Benjam. When there're news and updates on the latest releases, we will shoot an email out to our subscribers.

If you’d like to be notified when Benjam is launched to the public, please subscribe!